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Wet Paint Systems

The application of high performance wet paints systems, PTFE coatings, Bonding primers and lubricant films is a natural extension of the treatment processes that we do. Many specifications are time-constrained, making the delay between surface treatment and any applied coating critical. With both process steps fully integrated on one site we can ensure that these requirements are met - and avoid additional packing and transport costs or delays. 

Combining suitable paint materials with the correct anodising or conversion coating will not only improve the level of protection possible but also increase the options for designers e.g. colour, identification, surface finish etc. Selective application of any paint finish, using masks and localised spraying, also allows final finished components to go straight into assembly. 

We can apply commercial and aerospace standard primers and top coats, with full batch and film control, to a maximum size of 6.0Mts x 2.0Mts. 

Other wet applied coatings include PTFE based, Xylan, Glisscoat, Molycote, High Temperature, Kalgard, Aluminium-rich materials, lacquers, and seal coatings. 

Please contact us to discuss specific requirements and applications.


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