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About Us - Acorn ST became Aalberts-ST

Aalberts Surface Treatment is a leading supplier to Aerospace, Defence and Automotive OEMs and manufacturers across Europe and across the globe. 

Acorn has been a leading name in the provision of surface coating technology on precision engineered components for over 40 years, ongoing development of the business continues to increase the range and capacity of specialised surface engineering coatings that are available. 

Although Hard Anodising is at the core of the business the range of coatings and treatments has been expanded to include Sulphuric and Chromic Anodising, Aerospace-standard wet paint processes, IVD Aluminium Vacuum Coating, PTFE and lubricated coatings, Chromate and Non-Chromate Conversion coatings, Passivation and NDT (Fluorescent Flaw Detection). 

To achieve the highest levels of performance it is sometimes necessary to specify a combination of processes on the same component, this requires the special skills of selective coating, masking and multi-processing - all of which are a key part of the Acorn service. 

The range of applications for components with engineered surface coatings is ever increasing, some current examples of end markets include:

Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Electronic, Space, Communications, Machine Tools, Motor Sport, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems. 

We are part of the 
Material Technologies Group of Aalberts Industries Nv, a Dutch-based, multi-national industrial group, with access to the company’s highly active Research and Development teams we always have interesting new processes, applications and technical developments to discuss – so please get in touch to understand how surface technology can improve your business!

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