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Replace Hexavalent Chromate Conversion Coatings

We must stop using Hexavalent Chromate Conversion Coatings but I still need to provide some protection for the Aluminium components I produce – what options do I have? 

Many companies are designing out any Hexavalent Chrome coating from their products. A number of alternatives are worth considering. In most cases it is important to understand exactly why the Chromate was specified originally and what level of performance it has been providing but we can generalise on three key areas: 
  • Corrosion protection
  • Preparation/undercoat for painting 
  • Electrical conductivity 

There are a number of non-hexavalent Chromate Conversion Coatings that have been developed to give similar levels of performance to the established Chrome solutions, they can provide similar levels of corrosion protection, are a good base for painting and can meet most electrical conductivity requirements. 

Other alternatives include Thin Sulphuric Anodising or Phosphoric Anodising (although these will not provide the same electrical conductivity options). IVD Aluminium coating can offer a good option for some applications although there usually is a higher cost. 

For specific advice on your particular needs, we would be happy to propose alternative treatments and produce some samples for you – just get in touch with us to discuss your specific application."


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