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Replacing Cadmium Plating Successfully

Cadmium has traditionally been specified for a range of uses and often for more than one aspect of its properties - the most common key protection characteristic was corrosion resistance. There have been many reports on the alternative metal treatments that are available to replace Cadmium – and it is clear there is more than one answer! 

To replace Cadmium for corrosion protection, our research shows that IVD Aluminium Vacuum coating is widely identified as the high quality alternative: measured through limited levels of added layer, duration of protection and lowest life cost. 

In terms of accelerated corrosion tests IVD Aluminium will meet or exceed the performance of Cadmium – 25 to 50ums of Aluminium (a Class 1 Type II coating) will pass the standard 672 hours Salt Spray test and typically exceeds 1000 hours. Thinner coatings, that can be specified for close tolerance or threaded parts, will easily exceed the specified 336 hours for comparative Cadmium coatings. 

IVD Aluminium is not a perfect alternative because it does not have the lubricity of Cadmium - but this can be compensated for with post treatments including Cetyl, PTFE or DFL type coatings. This negative aspect is easily offset by the removal of the risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement that comes with Cadmium plating– IVD is a non-aqueous, vacuum coating which totally avoids the risk of embrittlement. 

Added to these beneficial properties of IVD, there are the significant environmental advantages – IVD Aluminium coating is completely environmentally friendly. And we need to mention the significant benefits of increased electrical conductivity, the ability to easily apply IVD coatings to mixed materials, the excellent base for painting, levels of fuel resistance, and the option to coat non-metals and sintered materials. 

Talk to one of our specialists to find out more about the flexibility and properties of this treatment. Please do call us to discuss your particular requirements.


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