Acorn Surface Technology
PTFE / Dry Film Lubricants

There are a wide range of coatings that we can apply to components to improve the performance in particular situations e.g. reduce galling between dissimilar surfaces, increase slip potential/reduce drag on sliding surfaces, protect against high temperature exposure, chemical resistance, non-stick or easy clean benefits. 

Some of the coatings are an integral part of an anodising or plating process, others can be applied after other treatments are applied. With our selective coating experience we are able to apply these materials locally, or uniformly over the component. 

Some typical special coatings we apply include Xylan©, Glisscoat©, Molycote©, Everlube©, Emralon©, but in addition we can apply PTFE, MoS2, DFL, Graphite and Cetyl lubricants in order to provide the most cost effective solution to your specific issue.


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