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Chrome surfaces without grinding

I need a uniform, smooth Hard Chrome surface on the components I manufacture but cannot afford to grind them after plating, I have heard of a new Chrome plating process that does not need grinding – what is it? 

Thin Dense Chrome plating processes have been developing and expanding in use over the past few years, and are increasingly replacing “old style”, thick, Chrome plating. Within the Aalberts Industries group we have a patented process called Duralloy® which can provide coatings of 3-5 ums with the equivalent surface hardness of 50ums of Hard Chrome, without the problems of edge build up, rough surface and cracks in the film. 

The formation of the Duralloy® Chrome layer has a number of other advantages to – it has much better slip potential and works very well with or without lubricants. Even though the layer is thin the absence of the cracks always found in thick Hard Chrome layers means Duralloy® can offer equivalent levels of corrosion protection and will pass 96 hours in standard salt spray. 

This is just an outline of the potential this process has to improve your product performance, with established production facilities in Germany and Switzerland we can identify many examples of successful applications and uses – please contact us for more detailed discussions or sample production.


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