Acorn Surface Technology
Bombardier Anodising

We have worked as an important Bombardier supplier for many years with surface treatments used on many different parts and components, in multiple aircraft.

The kind of Bombardier component we treat include:
  • Cockpit components
  • Landing gear parts
  • Fasteners
  • Wing components

Our Bombardier approvals include the following:
  • SB/VC/177  BAPS 160-10 Chromic, BAPS 160-23, BAPS 160-40 for Anodising and Chromating
  • 109875        BAPS 160-32, 160-10 and IVD
  • 1000053806        for Paint

For details of how we can help you as a supplier of CNC engineered parts to Bombardier (for example), please contact us directly. 

We deal with French Bombardier suppliers on a regular basis.



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