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Aluminium in a Marine Environment

Some Aluminium components we produce will be used in a marine environment and I have had problems before with heavy corrosion – what are my options? 

This is a common concern and there are some well established treatment options. The most typical, for machined components, is Hard Anodising – when combined with a suitable sealing process a very high level of corrosion protection can be achieved. Over 10,000 hours operational readiness is not unusual although the product design and material choice have an impact on this. An anodised layer of 30 to 50 microns is usually enough to provide corrosion protection with the added benefit of significantly improved wear and abrasion resistance, and impact protection. 

In some instances the combination of Hard anodising with high-specification marine paints can offer an even greater level of corrosion protection, the anodised layer is an excellent base for paint and offers ongoing protection even the paint is scuffed or damaged. 

In some instances Electroless Nickel plating can also be an option – the standard coatings may not offer the same period of protection but they do have the benefit of electrical conductivity and can be applied in very thick coatings. 

We have delivered many successful examples of Aluminium products successfully used in sub-sea and shoreline applications so please call to consider your options.


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